Crémeux d’Argental

Triple creams don’t get much more decadent that the Crémeux d’Argental. Read on to learn about the history of the d’Argental range, and how this oozy delight is made.

Oozy wedge of Crémeux d'Argental on cheese board with olives
Oozy Crémeux d'Argental - Cheese Atlas

Made in Auvergne

Crémeux d’Argental is a triple cream soft cheese made from cow’s milk in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region of France. It forms part of the d’Argental range of quality cheeses selected by Fromi which also includes the likes of VacherousseBrebirousse and Chèvre.


History of the d'Argental range

Xavier David celebrating 50 years of Fromi
Xavier David celebrating 50 years of Fromi - Source
Xavier David founded Fromi in Kehl, Germany, in 1969. In fact, the town is just across the border from Strasbourg in French Alsace.
Unsurprisingly, the company chose to specialist in curating French artisanal cheeses. Working closely with a number of small dairies, they launched the d’Argental range in 1985.

A velvety white mould

Unlike Vacherousse and Brebirousse, Crémeux d’Argental has a white mould rind. Hence, its aroma and flavour profiles are a bit more subtle.
Furthermore, it has a silky and buttery mouthfeel and its pâte is savoury with a hint of fresh grass. Its white mould rind is edible and has a mild mushroom quality.

How to serve Crémeux d'Argental

Enjoy this spectacular oozer at room temperature with kalamata olives, hot salami and a glass of Champagne. Moreover, when ripe, it can be easily spread across a warm crunchy baguette for a decadent snack!

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